qubiter.HadamardTransform module

class qubiter.HadamardTransform.HadamardTransform[source]

Bases: object

This class contains only static methods and no constructor. Its functions are related to the Hadamard Transform.

static hadamard_mat(num_qbits, is_quantum=True)[source]

This function return a numpy array with the num_qbits-fold tensor product of the 2 dim Hadamard matrix H. If is_quantum=True (False, resp.), it returns a complex (real, resp.) array.

  • num_qbits (int) –
  • is_quantum (bool) –
static ht(num_qbits, in_arr)[source]

This function calculates the Hadamard transform of in_arr. Let H be the 2 dimensional Hadamard matrix and let ht be the num_bit-fold tensor product of H. Then this function returns the matrix product ht*in_arr = out_arr. in_arr and out_arr both have the same shape ( 2^num_qbits,).

  • num_qbits (int) – The number of bits. The dimension of the Hadamard tranform is 2^num_qbits
  • in_arr (np.ndarray) – Input array.

Return type: