qubiter.adv_applications.MeanHamil_native module

class qubiter.adv_applications.MeanHamil_native.MeanHamil_native(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: qubiter.adv_applications.MeanHamil.MeanHamil

This class is a child of MeanHamil.

This class does not call real physical hardware, or someone else’s simulator to calculate mean values. Instead, it uses Qubiter’s built-in simulators, such as SEO_simulator and SEO_simulator_tf. That is why we call this class native.

  • list_of_supported_sims (list[str]) – list of the names of simulators supported by this class. self.simulator_name must be in this list.
  • use_tf (bool) –
__init__(*args, **kwargs)[source]


  • args (list) – positional arguments of MeanHamil
  • kwargs (dict) – key-word arguments of MeanHamil

This method predicts the mean value of the Hamiltonian hamil using only Qubiter simulators.

Parameters:var_num_to_rads (dict[int, float]) –
Return type:float
list_of_supported_sims = ['SEO_simulator', 'SEO_simulator_tf']